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2021 LoCo Disc Golf Club Elections

As everyone should be well aware by now, the LoCo Disc Golf Club, in accordance with our operating documents and the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, hold an annual election for five (5) club officers who will form the LoCo Disc Golf Club Board of Directors for 2021.  We are extremely excited that we have six (6) eligible candidates running for the 2021 LoCo Disc Golf Club Board of Directors (listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Normally, at the November and December Monthies, we would provide an (optional) opportunity for the candidates to (re)introduce themselves and provide public comments or statements.  Due to COVID-19, health and safety concerns and the cancelation of the Monthies, that simply is/was not an option.  In lieu of social gathering, we have provided the opportunity for the candidates to provide statements, or letters, in which we are here to provide to you today.  We’d like to thank the candidates for taking the time to write the attached Candidate Statements and we truly hope that you take the time to read them. 

Election Process

Like last year, we will be using Election Runner ( as our online balloting system.  It’s straight forward, it’s easy and accessible and most importantly, it’s secure.

On the morning of Saturday, December 12th, you will receive an email from “LoCo Disc Golf Club <[email protected]>“.  This email will provide you with a customized (unique per member) link to access and initiate the online balloting system/process.  You will be provided the opportunity to select, or vote, for up to 5 individuals.  The election will run through Saturday, December 26th and results will be provided immediately thereafter.  A courtesy email reminder will automatically be sent to members that have not completed the online balloting process.

Please don’t be shy and please let us know if you have any questions or issues!  We thank you for your time and participation in this very important process and we thank you very much for being a member of the LoCo Disc Golf Club!!!!


LoCo Disc Golf Club Board of Directors

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