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2021 LoCo Disc Golf Club Elections

As everyone should be well aware by now, the LoCo Disc Golf Club, in accordance with our operating documents and the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, hold an annual election for five (5) club officers who will form the LoCo Disc Golf Club Board of Directors for 2021.  We are extremely excited that we have six (6) eligible candidates running for the 2021 LoCo Disc Golf Club Board of Directors (listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Normally, at the November and December Monthies, we would provide an (optional) opportunity for the candidates to (re)introduce themselves and provide public comments or statements.  Due to COVID-19, health and safety concerns and the cancelation of the Monthies, that simply is/was not an option.  In lieu of social gathering, we have provided the opportunity for the candidates to provide statements, or letters, in which we are here to provide to you today.  We’d like to thank the candidates for taking the time to write the attached Candidate Statements and we truly hope that you take the time to read them. 

Election Process

Like last year, we will be using Election Runner ( as our online balloting system.  It’s straight forward, it’s easy and accessible and most importantly, it’s secure.

On the morning of Saturday, December 12th, you will receive an email from “LoCo Disc Golf Club <[email protected]>“.  This email will provide you with a customized (unique per member) link to access and initiate the online balloting system/process.  You will be provided the opportunity to select, or vote, for up to 5 individuals.  The election will run through Saturday, December 26th and results will be provided immediately thereafter.  A courtesy email reminder will automatically be sent to members that have not completed the online balloting process.

Please don’t be shy and please let us know if you have any questions or issues!  We thank you for your time and participation in this very important process and we thank you very much for being a member of the LoCo Disc Golf Club!!!!


LoCo Disc Golf Club Board of Directors

Club News Events

Two For the Books

Thank you VERY much to all the players that came out this weekend to play the Brent Anderson Memorial (BAM), our 1st ever PDGA sanctioned event at Clark’s Run @ Freedom Center, and the 7th Annual LoCo Open @ Franklin Park!!!!!

Congratulations to the division winners for the Brent Anderson Memorial!!!

MPO – Sam Shiley (“whites” course record – 58)
FPO – Allie Stone
MP50 – Brian Junkins
MA1 – Grady Iliff
MA40 – Rick Sheridan
MA50 – John W Iliff
MA2 – Brad Hoke
MA3 – Steven Truong
FA3 – Lindsay Smoot Sullivan

Congratulations to the division winners for the 7th Annual LoCo Open!!!

MPO – Cody Bradshaw
FPO – Samantha Merritts
MP40 – Robert Marr
MP50 – Brian Junkins
MA1 – Stephen Adcock (hot “Best of” AM score – 54)
MA40 – Jorge Menjivar
MA50 – Steve Ganz
MA2 – Seth McCurdy
MA3 – Mike Sully
FA2 – Lindsay Smoot Sullivan

The final TD Reports and Event Fees have been submitted/completed for both BAM! and the LoCo Open.

Nearly a year before the event(s), we request a date and we start high-level planning. We have a few meetings about it. We discuss the logistics. We debate the details. We set goals. We negotiate on player’s pack items, food options, prizes, trophies and more. We fund-raise. We schedule meetings with park managers and land owners. We start working on event logos and designs. We work with vendors for shirts, for discs, for umbrellas. We spend endless hours making trophies. We stay up late making putter clipboards. We schedule looooooong work days for course prep. We create caddy books, we create score cards and we work with the printer. We create, manage, and update registration. We deal with finances. We print labels and we stuff players packs. We prep tee signs and we paint OB lines. We weedwacker for days. We pick up 1,000s of branches. We smoke BBQ. We make banana pudding…lots of banana pudding. We ask for help, we ask for favors and we volunteer…again, again and again.

…then we wake up the next day and we go to work (our “normal” jobs).

We…we…we… a single person just cannot do it alone. It takes a club…it takes a team. It’s really quite amazing how much work goes into running a simple 2 days worth of events. It’s hard, it’s fun, it’s rewarding and we’ll do it all over again next year.

It’s impossible to list every single person that has, does and will contribute to events like this…because there truly are so many, but there are a few that simply have to be mentioned.

(and please do not take offense if you’ve not been included on this list)

John W Iliff – You do it all. You are a machine. This doesn’t exist without you. The time, the effort, the love…I cannot thank you enough.

Brian Junkins, Matt Lamberski, Mike Tomlin and John W Iliff – Thank you for your patience, your help, your guidance, your drive and your time (that we’ll never get back). Volunteering for the board is the best dumb decision you/we every made

Steve Ganz – “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” My sensei.

Jeffrey Kinman – I hope people know how much time, effort and plastic you put into this. You’re selflessness is inspiring, motivating and infectious.

Tim Lawson, Ryan Bailey, Bob Romich and Jeffrey Kinman – These courses don’t manicure themselves! I’ve heard nothing but complements and Freedom Center has never looked better. The amount of time spent on course prep for these events is intimidating…and you knocked it out of the park!

Rob Stark – The breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for being a part of this. Thank you for the support and thank you for fueling the fire and helping us remember why we do this.

Christopher Patterson – The baskets at Freedom Center never looked better! A lot of hard work went into those sponsorship decals and it’s more than you’ll ever know!

Steve Marinich (Parcel Plus) – Year after year after year…the time you spend for us and you can’t even make the events.

LoCo Disc Golf Club – Thank you for welcoming everyone into our “homes”. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for the support. That you for making this all so so worth it. We love you.

I’ll send the calendar invite out in a few weeks and we can start planning for 2019.

Club News

Registration now open for both the Brent Anderson Memorial (BAM!) and the 7th Annual LoCo Open

Can you believe it’s already here??? A weekend in LoCo!!! REGISTRATION for both the Brent Anderson Memorial (BAM!) is now open!!

First, on Saturday, September 22nd, we have the Brent Anderson Memorial (BAM!). This is going to be a very unique event and we’re really hoping to have a fun laid back experience…just the way Brent would want it! This PDGA C-Tier Pro/Am Flex Start event will be one round at Clark’s Run Disc Golf Course at Freedom Center. All proceeds (in excess of cost) will go directly to Freedom Center (the incredibly gracious land owner).

So, what does “Flex Start” really mean? It means you can come and play just about any time you want!!! Yep! Not a morning person?? No problem! We’ll see you after you wake up, lazy! Wanna beat the heat?? No problem!! We’ll be there early with coffee! Gotta work the day shift??? We’ve got slots open all the way up to 4:00PM!

Flex Start means that you play when you show up…BUT…it’s first come first play in the order in which you show up. UNLESS…you purchase (completely optional) a tee time for $5 per person! Yep! You can cut the line (all in the name of charity)!

Then, on Sunday, September 23rd, we have the 7th Annual LoCo Open! What more can we say…it’s a LoCo tradition! Once again, this PDGA B-Tier Pro/Am and O.D.D.S. event will be two rounds of the best the Frank has to offer! Enough said.

As always, with both events, we’ve got some SWEET Amateur Player’s Packs! Guaranteed to exceed to the cost of admission (and some)!

And for the Pros? You know the drill. Cold…Hard…CASH!

If you have any questions or issues…don’t hesitate to reach out to us! See you on the course!!!

Club News

LoCo Disc Golf Club Fights Hunger In Loudoun County


(Pictured above (from left): Matt Shaffer, LoCo DGC President, Jennifer Montgomery, Executive Director LIR, Brian Junkins LoCo DGC/Ice Bowl Tournament Director and Steve Ganz, LoCo DGC/PDGA Liaison)

Purcellville, Va. (Jan. 24, 2015)—Members of the LoCo Disc Golf Club collectively raised $3,100 in cash donations and 120lbs of food for Loudoun Interfaith Relief during their yearly Ice Bowl Food Drive at Franklin Park in Purcellville, Va.

The LoCo Ice Bowl is part of an international series of winter disc golf events dedicated to fighting hunger. Since 1986, over $2.8 million dollars have been raised via Ice Bowl® disc golf tournaments. The LoCo Ice Bowl, through the efforts of the LoCo Disc Golf Club, has raised over $5,000 and 350lbs of food over the past 4 years, with 100% of all donations going directly to Loudoun Interfaith Relief.

Loudoun Interfaith Relief is Loudoun’s largest food pantry serving more than 15,000 people annually through more than 30,000 visits.  Forty three percent of those served are children. For more information, visit their website at

For more information regarding the LoCo Ice Bowl contact Brian Junkins, LoCo Tournament Director, at [email protected]. For general club information please contact Matt Shaffer at [email protected]. We invite you to also visit and on Facebook.


Events Ice Bowl Results

2015 LoCo Ice Bowl Results

No photo description available.

WOW!!! Speechless! For those of you that missed out on the 4th Annual LoCo Ice Bowl and Chili Cook-Off you REALLY missed out! Brian Junkins nailed it again this year and blew away the goal of reaching $1,000 to benefit Loudoun Interfaith Relief.  Thanks to everyone who helped and donated (you know who you are), the LoCo Disc Golf Club was able to raise OVER $3,000!!!! That’s just amazing!  Good job everything that helped make it happen!  Also, a special thanks to Matt Shaffer for collecting/donating over $750, the most by a single individual, and the recipient of a new Innova Discatcher Traveler!

Funds Raised for Loudoun Interfaith Relief: $3,100

Chili Cook-off Champion

  • Stephan “Never” Evers

bag tag # in parentheses


  • Russell Jessop 56
  • Matt Shaffer 59 (1)
  • Bob Cannon 59
  • Konrad 60 (2)
  • Stephan Evers 60 (3)
  • Steve Ganz 63 (4)
  • Ian Iverson 65
  • Gusty Goldon 64


  • Chad Baker 63
  • John Buck 64 (5)
  • Brad Harris 66
  • Jacob Adcock 67 (6)
  • Joe G 68 (9)
  • Brian Junkins 68 (10)
  • Scott Carter 68 (11)
  • Mike Frey 71
  • Mark Diedering 71 (14)
  • Paul Burkart 71 (15)
  • Doc 75 (19)
  • Chris Capell 78 (22)


  • Thomas Fletcher 65
  • Kim Brennan 67
  • Matt L 68 (8)
  • Brian Fish 68 (7)
  • Austin Hebby 69
  • Ken Durgin 71 (13)
  • Jorge Menjivar 71 (12)
  • Brent Anderson 72 (17)
  • Ryan McCarthy 72
  • Chris Matthieson 72 (16)
  • Daniel Hatfield 73
  • John Iliff 74 (18)
  • Aaron Qhinn 76
  • Justin Ferreta 76
  • Jason L 76
  • Dennis 76 (20)
  • Mike Sullivan 78
  • Jacob Baker 78 (21)
  • S. Duncan 79
  • Brittany Allewett 83


Club News

LoCo News & Updates

It’s long overdue, but Happy New Year, LoCos!  Hopefully everyone is as excited about 2015 as I am!  It’s a new year, a fresh start and a chance to set new goals (like better putting and taking Ian’s #1 tag).

One of the clubs goals is to start updating this site on a regular basis with any relevant news, reminders, and/or information on/about local events and activities.  So, let’s get right to it:

 4th Annual LoCo Ice Bowl and Chili Cook-off at Franklin Park


It’s just around the corner (Saturday, January 24th), it’s for a great cause (Loudoun Interfaith Relief) and it’s our first official LoCo Disc Golf event of 2015!  As always, Brian Junkins has worked really hard to ensure this year’s Ice Bowl is going to be better than ever.  Most importantly, this is a fundraiser, and Brian has challenged all us LoCos to help him reach (or exceed) the goal of raising $1,000 this year.  My gut tells me we’re gonna make it happen!  I’ve already heard a bunch of trash talk about the Chili Cook-off, so you better bring your “A” game.  It’s also a great chance to start the year off right by upgrading your tags!!  Avoid the rush and pre-register now.  Hole sponsorship are also still available.  All the information you need can be found HERE.

2015 Club Membership & Gear

LoCoTagSpeaking of upgrading tags, the club is still accepting 2015 membership orders at this time.  If you haven’t already joined and/or renewed, then you’ve missed the custom Paragon order and the chance to customize your shirt.  Big thanks to Matt Shaffer for all his hard work and ordering the shwag in advance of the LoCo Ice Bowl.  Matt did order 10-15 additional membership packages for those that would still like to join can (first come, first serve).  You know you want one!!!  Represent!!!

$20 returning members/$25 new members (shirt, tag, towel and sticker)

Thank you to everyone that has already supported the club for 2015!

2015 LoCo Indoor Putting League

logo_old ox breweryIt took a while, but we finally found a place crazy enough to house the 2015 LoCo Indoor LoCo Putting League!  Old Ox Brewery in Ashburn, VA wants to see what we’ve got and they’ve agreed to start the putting league February 6th.  The league will be held on Fridays from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.  We just got word and still have  to iron-out the details, but I just couldn’t resist!  Putter in one hand and ice cold Alpha Ox in the other.  If you haven’t had their beers…then you are in for a real treat.  Get the Bourbon Barrel Black Ox before it’s all gone.  More information to come…

Indoor Putting League at Revolution Bar in Centreville

Tommy Donelson is also running an indoor putting league at The Revolution “Rock & Billiards” Lounge in Centreville, VA on Thursdays from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.  While it may not be LoCo, is a hell of a good time!  Definitely check it out.  More information can be found HERE.

Up-and-Coming Events

There are a ton of awesome events right around the corner.  I’ll start compiling a running list of local events as a reminder for all you procrastinators out there…in the next update (…no, I’m not procrastinating).