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Remembering Brent Anderson #76693

Today we share the sad news of the passing of our dear friend, Brent Anderson. During the June Monthly at the Freedom Center, Brent went into cardiac arrest. His card mates, Rob Romich and Kim Brennan acted immediately calling 911, administering CPR and directing the EMS team to the scene. Rob and Kim did everything right, and the EMS arrived on scene incredibly fast (the fire station is only 3 miles from the course), but it was not to be.

Every time he showed up for a round of disc golf, Brent’s zeal for life and contagious enthusiasm was evident. You couldn’t tell if Brent had shot poorly or great because his positive attitude was always the same. “Oh well” he would often say, “at least I’m, playing disc golf!” Brent was a generous man. He never took a dollar home after placing in a Monthly or a weekly doubles event always saying “Donate it to Freedom!”. He was just as generous with his time. Rain or shine, wind and snow, Brent was working with us shoulder to shoulder at Freedom Center helping make that course a reality.

Brent often spoke of how he got into the game of disc golf. He started playing at Franklin Park for the exercise. Brent would play and his beloved wife Cheryl would tag along for the walk. As passionate as Brent was about Disc Golf, he always made time for his other friends and interests like his annual Golf outing and fishing trip to South Carolina. More than anything, Brent was a family man. The morning of his passing, he had just finished preparing for a birthday party for his granddaughter. When Brent showed up late today, for which we teased him a bit, he let us know that he had to leave 1:00 pm sharp so he could be with his family.

We will miss our friend dearly and wish to honor his memory. We will raise funds for a hole sponsorship at Freedom Center. Hole 17 will forever be Brent Anderson’s. Those wishing to make a contribution in Brent’s honor may contact us at [email protected] also, Brent’s birthday is September 23rd and 34th. Coincidentally, that is the date of the LoCo Open this year. In his honor, the LoCo Open will be henceforth be known as the Brent Anderson Memorial LoCo Open. We think is a fitting tribute to our departed friend.

Events Monthlies Results

May 2017 Monthly Results

This was the first organized competition at the new disc golf course currently under construction at Freedom Center in Lucketts.

Gold Division
Place Name Score
1 Ian Liddell 67
2 Mike Tomlin 70
3 Stephan Evers 71
4 Brian Junkins 72
4 Andrew Dillow 72
6 Steve Ganz 73
6 Jeff Metzger 73
8 Grady Iliff 75
8 Ryan Sutphin 75
10 Ryan Northcutt 76
Silver Division
Place Name Score
1 Connor Gulley 68
1 John Bostic 68
3 Jeff Watson 71
4 Jorge Menjivar 72
5 Kim Brennan 73
5 John Buck 73
7 Mike Frey 74
7 Matt Lamberski 74
9 Steve Marinich 75
9 Matt P 75
11 Rob Romich 76
11 Chris Cappell 76
11 Tommy Kline 76
11 Jack Belo 76
15 Brent Anderson 77
16 Tim Matt 78
17 Aron Herman 79
18 Andy Hassan 80
19 Chris Stahl 81
19 Brennan Fowler 81
21 Jeff Brown 82
21 John Iliff 82
21 Matt Mendenhall 82
24 Tim Lawson 83
24 Jacob Baker 83
24 Mack Parrish 83
27 Chris Matthiesen 84
28 Joe Griffiths 86
Bronze Division
Place Name Score
1 Jeff Kinman 78
2 Ivan Katz 79
3 Jack Cobb 80
4 Mike Sullivan 84
4 Dave Foss 84
6 Joey Short 85
7 Andrew Lyons 87
8 Chris Patterson 91
9 Kyle Vincent 110
Emerald Division
Place Name Score
1 Jessica Garci 94
2 Lindsay Sullivan 97
3 Nikki Bostic 101
4 Sammy Iliff 107