Events Results

Inaugural 2012 LoCo Tag Match

  1. Bob Sivinski
  2. Chadd O’Brien
  3. Steve Ganz
  4. Matt Shaffer
  5. Brian Junkins
  6. Ron Hoover
  7. Konrad Pawlosky
  8. Brian Fish
  9. Jim Scala
  10. Scot Ferris
  11. Ken Durgin
  12. Malcom Heber
  13. Ralph Gillwald
  14. Peter VanDyke
  15. Todd Trumpower
  16. Ed Buskirk
  17. Steve Marinich
  18. Jeff Gellman
  19. Jason Williams
  20. Dan McNiel

2011 Discraft Ace Race

The 2011 Discraft Ace Race was a great success for LoCo DGC. We had 48 participants and were able to collect two large totes of food (100 lbs) that was donated to Loudoun Interfaith Relief.

Give yourself a round of applause as you should be proud of a fine day of disc golf that gave back to the community. See you next year!


  • Bob Svinski
  • Kenneth Durgin
  • Chadd O’Brien