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Registration now open for both the Brent Anderson Memorial (BAM!) and the 7th Annual LoCo Open

Can you believe it’s already here??? A weekend in LoCo!!! REGISTRATION for both the Brent Anderson Memorial (BAM!) is now open!!

First, on Saturday, September 22nd, we have the Brent Anderson Memorial (BAM!). This is going to be a very unique event and we’re really hoping to have a fun laid back experience…just the way Brent would want it! This PDGA C-Tier Pro/Am Flex Start event will be one round at Clark’s Run Disc Golf Course at Freedom Center. All proceeds (in excess of cost) will go directly to Freedom Center (the incredibly gracious land owner).

So, what does “Flex Start” really mean? It means you can come and play just about any time you want!!! Yep! Not a morning person?? No problem! We’ll see you after you wake up, lazy! Wanna beat the heat?? No problem!! We’ll be there early with coffee! Gotta work the day shift??? We’ve got slots open all the way up to 4:00PM!

Flex Start means that you play when you show up…BUT…it’s first come first play in the order in which you show up. UNLESS…you purchase (completely optional) a tee time for $5 per person! Yep! You can cut the line (all in the name of charity)!

Then, on Sunday, September 23rd, we have the 7th Annual LoCo Open! What more can we say…it’s a LoCo tradition! Once again, this PDGA B-Tier Pro/Am and O.D.D.S. event will be two rounds of the best the Frank has to offer! Enough said.

As always, with both events, we’ve got some SWEET Amateur Player’s Packs! Guaranteed to exceed to the cost of admission (and some)!

And for the Pros? You know the drill. Cold…Hard…CASH!

If you have any questions or issues…don’t hesitate to reach out to us! See you on the course!!!

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LoCo Disc Golf Club Raises Over $12,500 for Loudoun Hunger Relief

LoCo Disc Golf presents $12,517.89 check to Loudoun Hunger Relief.
From L to R: Steve Ganz, Brian Junkins, Stephan Evers, Jennifer Montgomery, Mike Tomlin, John Iliff, Matt Lamberski

Leesburg, VA — Loudoun Hunger Relief (LHR) is thrilled to announce that the 2018 LoCo Ice Bowl has raised over $12,500 to help alleviate hunger in our community.

This is the sixth year that this fun event has benefited LHR. The LoCo Ice Bowl, sponsored and run by the LoCo Disc Golf Club, is a disc golf tournament held each winter. The motto of the tournament is “No Wimps, No Whiners” and participants are expected to play no matter what the weather.

Ice Bowls are sponsored by disc golf clubs all around the country each year, and raise funds for non-profits that fight hunger in the community. In 2016, 219 Ice Bowl events raised $357,000. Since 1996, Ice Bowls have raised over $3,500,000 to fight hunger all over the United States. Since 2012, the LoCo Ice Bowl has raised almost $30,000 for Loudoun Hunger Relief.

This year, the LoCo Ice Bowl was held on January 27, and players were treated to a phenomenal 50 degree, sunny day. LoCo Disc Golf Club Vice Chairman Brian Junkins said “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the participants of the tournament, who helped us exceed our goal and raise more than $12,500 and nearly 450 pounds of food for LHR this year!”

Loudoun Hunger Relief Executive Director Jennifer Montgomery stated “We love the community spirit of the LoCo Ice Bowl, and deeply appreciate the support of the LoCo Disc Golf Club. Their assistance not only helps us feed our neighbors in need, but also helps get the word out about hunger in Loudoun County. We can’t wait to play next year.”

The LoCo Disc Golf Club is awaiting this year’s nationwide results. The club was 6th in the nation for funds raised in 2017, and is hoping to break into the top 5 for 2018.. Loudoun Hunger Relief is grateful to be the beneficiary of their efforts.

About Loudoun Hunger Relief
Loudoun Hunger Relief (formerly Loudoun Interfaith Relief) is the largest food pantry in Loudoun County. Last year LHR provided 1.2 million pounds of food to more than 8,000 individuals. 40% of those served are children. LHR distributes food to families six days a week, year round. Loudoun Hunger Relief was voted Loudoun Chamber of Commerce 2014 Nonprofit of The Year, Leesburg Today 2015 Reader’s Choice Nonprofit of The Year, the Loudoun Times Mirror 2015 and 2017 Nonprofit of the Year, Loudoun Now 2016 Favorite Non-Profit. For more information on LHR, please visit

About LoCo Disc Golf Club
The LoCo Disc Golf Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our mission is to grow the sport of disc golf, host tournaments for all skill-levels, support other disc golf clubs in the region, and provide support to local park departments and private land owners in maintaining and installing disc golf courses in Loudoun County, VA. For more information about the LoCo Disc Golf Club including membership, events, or general disc golf questions, visit

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2018 LoCo Ice Bowl Results

Funds Raised for Loudoun Hunger Relief: $12,517.89

Chili Cook-off Champions


  • Jeffrey Sharrard


  • John Iliff


  • John Gregory 59
  • Stephan Evers 60
  • Naved Hasnain 62
  • Matt Verbisk 62
  • Mike Tomlin 63
  • Andrew Dilworth 63
  • Bob Cannon 64
  • Konrad Pawlosky 64
  • Jake Kaiser 64
  • David Huff 66
  • Dusty Walker 67
  • Scott Hunt 68
  • Daniel Hatfield 69
  • Ryan Bailey 69
  • Jeffrey Kinman 70
  • Steve Ganz 73
  • Ryan Rice 73
  • Lambo 73
  • Shane Hoffman 75


  • Ryan Sutphin 63
  • Jeff Metzger 64
  • Jacob Baker 65
  • Steve Minnick 67
  • Matthew McDaniel 67
  • Matt Thayer 67
  • Jeff “Swatso” Watson 68
  • Austin German 68
  • James Allen 68
  • Matthew Swartz 69
  • John Iliff 69
  • Fernando Melendez 69
  • Robert Romich 69
  • Andy Endicott 69
  • Matthew Rice 69
  • Ryan Hutton 70
  • Kim Brennan 71
  • Sharky 72
  • Chris Matthiesen 72
  • Matthew Mendenhall 72
  • John Conover 72
  • Cody Sabol 73
  • Thomas Adams 73
  • Kevin Silverwolf Johnson 74
  • Matthew Gordon 74
  • Steve Marinich 74
  • Matt Partain 75
  • Chet “Polecat” Butler 75
  • Joe Griffiths 79
  • Buck short 80
  • Christopher Stahl 85
  • Nathan McKinnon 87
  • Christopher Patterson DNF


  • Taylor Brooks 67
  • Timothy Matt 68
  • Joe Joyce 72
  • Will Debesis 73
  • Rob Stark 73
  • Rob Frank 73
  • Adam Biddle 74
  • Mike “Sully” Sullivan 76
  • Michael Frey 77
  • Alex ‘The Doubler’ Nackley 77
  • Lowell Rosenberry 77
  • Austin Peer 77
  • Brad Hoke 77
  • Steve Duncan 77
  • Rob Michaud 78
  • James Turnbull 78
  • Tim Lawson 78
  • Richard Florian 78
  • Kenneth Durgin 79
  • Kris Biggs 79
  • Aurelio Roca 79
  • James Plonk 79
  • Brandon Vorgang 79
  • Adam Lenke 79
  • Robert Biddle 79
  • Devin Vorgang 80
  • Greg Gardner 81
  • Bob Romich 81
  • Andrew “PPMOS” Lyons 81
  • John Hassan 81
  • Chris Hunckler 82
  • Scott Nichols 85
  • Jeffrey Sharrard 87
  • mike cogswell 87
  • Patrick Showalter 89
  • Blake Donaldson 93
  • Nathan Grant 94
  • Kenneth Roads 96


  • Kristen Parsley 76
  • Samantha Merritts 77
  • Allie Stone 83
  • Angie Jones 87
  • Lindsay Sullivan 102
  • Megan Stull 103
  • Shay Donelson 109
  • Bradly Roads 131